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Sigfrid A. Muller, President, CLG HealthSigfrid A. Muller, President
On all fronts, the past year will forever be etched as the bearer of a global economic meltdown fostered by a deadly contagion—the novel Coronavirus. As the world grappled with the gravity of this crisis, the industry that got the heaviest blow of all was the healthcare sector. Hospitals, medical practitioners, and first responders were debilitated with managing the COVID-infected patients, delivering continued care to patients with chronic diseases and comorbidities, and handling outpatient visits. However, on the hind side, the pandemic pushed the entire sector to adopt digitally-driven solutions like never before. To be specific, it led to the authorization and massiveadoption of telehealth services, reshaping the care delivery model of the present day.

Telehealth has always been steeped in the decades-old debate where on the one hand, it is deemed as the go-to solution to render continued care to patients, and on the other hand, its efficacy to optimize care delivery has been challenged by many. The pandemic silenced the naysayers as telehealth emerged as an undisputed leader in providing robust care options to patients. Additionally, the approval to use it across all medical institutions, as stipulated by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), sealed the deal and led to the extensive growth of telemedicine. Thispropelled its overall utilization in April 2020 to 78 times more than in February 2020. Despite its wide adoption, an undeniable fact still remained—telehealth was still at its nascent stage, limited to only video consults. Additionally, it was mainly directed toward serving patients at one specific point via an online visit. This was not enough to provide complete care to patients, especially when outpatient visits were almost impossible.

It is at this juncture that CLG Health steps into the healthcare arena with its state-of-the-art telemedicine technologies. The company offers a cloud-native solution that increases providers ability to offer patients virtualcare without compromising their existing scheduling, billing, or medical record systems. It goes beyond point-in-time solutions to deliver a more holistic approach in helping clinicians develop a personalized care pathway for patients and assist them in adhering to these norms while also performing regular follow-ups. “With rapid acceleration to hybrid care models, physicians, dieticians, and care teams are mandated to deliver care more transparently across the hospital and outpatient clinic, as well as virtually,” states Sigfrid A. Muller, the President at CLG Health. He adds, “In effect, our medical outreach tools reduce the gap between physicians and patients and connect them, thus allowing them to offer ongoing support and remotely monitor the patient population, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses and comorbidities.”

Strengthening the Telemedicine Pedestal

CLG Health offers an integrated service suite of cloud-based telemedicine tools, including video patient consults, patient education, patient relationship management, and unified automation and integration of tertiary systems. With customizable clinical work-flows these offerings can be easily integrated with hospitals’ existing systems and care pathways for any specific disease or state of condition. “We are different because it’s really not just about improving communication across an institution but improving communication across clinicians and administrators with their patients,” adds Muller.

In effect, our medical outreach tools reduce the gap between physicians and patients and connect them, thus allowing them to offer ongoing support and remotely monitor the patient population, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses and comorbidities

With its HIPPA-compliant video consultation solution, CLG Health helps broaden the scope of a physician’s practice by offering several options for tele-psych, telecardiology, chronic disease management, follow-up care, and more. They can easily connect with patients and their families to ensure continued care from the comfort of their homes. CLG Health’s teleconferencing negates the barriers of room systems, computers, mobile devices, and applications and allows universal interoperability while ensuring secure recording. These can be either single-person or multiple-people consults with about 100 interactive participants in one consult alongside closed captioning and screen reading capabilities for special needs patients.

Going beyond just video conferencing, CLG Health offers much-needed support to patients via its patient education system. The company provides easily accessible evidence-based health and wellness education videos that can be viewed before or after an eVisit to review all medical instructions pertaining to their dietary requirements, exercises, medicine dosage, and the administration of medicines online. Apart from imparting the necessary information to patients, questions can be created before and after any video to gauge their understanding while testing their knowledge. The education system also comes with video plays and engagement metrics to measure their effectiveness. All these materials are delivered in a unified fashion after being curated from producers, vendors, and other medical resources.

CLG Health further empowers physicians to engage with patients and manage their care pathways through its patient relationship management (PRM) system. This solution increases not only patient compliance but also improves patient outcomes. It helps enable HIPAA-compliant communication services to patients and physicians via a comprehensive dashboard that can display tasks, events, and campaigns in real-time. It offers a customizable view of patient communication activities and patient marketing campaigns. It can send out alerts and reminders regarding their next tele-consult while providing a fully functional calling solution where users can click to call anywhere within the PRM systems. The solution also allows for an extensive setup and customizaable clinical workflows to any organization or clinic and can be accessed securely using a single sign-on.

What brings it all together is its Unified Automation Interface that integrates many third-party systems into the hospitals’ workflows and automation scripts. As a result, it presents a unified product to the end-users. It is built on small, portable application-specific translation layers to enable tertiary applications to participate in workflow control and automation of each of the three components. It also offers a unified management interface and dashboard across all pillar modules to manage security, report automation, perform system configuration, deliver execution scripts, and allow third-party integration.

Scripting Exemplary Success Stories

CLG Health has been a go-getter from its initial days. One of its first implementations was with a specialist that works in the space of Lyme disease.
  • The future of care delivery has swiftly shifted to hybrid care, which demands a personalized treatment pathway for patients. With a solution like ours, we are able to deliver that personalized care to every patient, every time

After meeting with the client, the company was strictly focused on building a robust virtual care pathway for Lyme disease. With its comprehensive outreach suite, CLG Health reduced cancellations and improved the understanding of several patients coming in for a consult. This was evident from the fact that these patients came with the front-end forms completed compared to taking two to three hours previously to fill out these forms. As a result, the physician could have more robust discussions with patients about their condition and get to the root cause sooner, facilitating faster treatment. This also enabled follow-ups to take place easily, allowing the development of a care pathway linked with the educational materials at the backend of it.

CLG Health’s success is greatly due to the talented minds that make it up. Its team has deep technology experience with a long history of success in the healthcare sector. One among them is Chetan Rao, a seasoned executive who has worked in general management, innovation, and M&A for over 20 years. He is currently leading the company’s acquisition process as the VP of Corporate Development. CLG Health was recently joined by Robin Jamison, the VP of Sales, who has worked both with providers and payers in the healthcare sector including VP Sales at Lumedx and most recently worked at Accelerate by HIMSS. Another brilliant mind within the team is the CTO, Ben Nielsen, who has extensive experience in cloud workflows and has played a significant role in developing CLG Health’s cloud-based solution on AWS and native cloud. Nielsen was previously the CTO at Savigent. and was a national healthcare practice leader for Edgile. “As a team, we want to foster an open, transparent, communicative environment that can drive innovative solutions in the new virtual world,” adds Muller.

Taking the Telehealth Baton Forward

Aspiring to walk in his father’s footsteps, who was a physician himself, Muller always strived to bring growth and profitability within the healthcare space, both for providers and patients. His entire career is dedicated to working with payers and providers to offer better care for patients. The vision for CLG Health was Muller’s way of keeping his father’s legacy alive by facilitating positive patient outcomes and enabling better patient-physician communications. In doing so, the company has gone beyond several point solutions to cater to patients and physicians across all chronic conditions.

In the ‘new normal’ scenario, providers and clinicians seek more expansive solutions across multiple disciplines within their hospital environments. In effect, the company is continuing to improve the product with new release cycles at regular intervals. Another strategy for expanding its outreach is pursuing a strategy to acquire companies actively in several different aspects within the healthcare space, including condition management, digital therapeutics, wearables, and remote monitoring, alongside telepharmacy and tele-labs. CLG Health is also looking at building its own organic solution and accelerating growth. “The future of care delivery has swiftly shifted to hybrid care, which demands a personalized treatment pathway for patients. With a solution like ours, we are able to deliver that personalized care to every patient, every time,” concludes Muller.
    September 24, 2021

CLG Health

Minneapolis, MN

Sigfrid A. Muller, President

CLG Health offers a comprehensive suite of telemedicine tools that provide healthcare professionals with easy to use, extremely powerful platforms that address the entirety of telemedicine, not just video conferencing

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